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Data Recovery
Specializing in RAID, NAS, Tape, Windows, MAC,
Linux, VMware, Photo Cards, DVD’s

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Since 1976, Alandata has provided data recovery services for many well known and nationally recognized Data Recovery companies. Our data recovery services are now available to IT providers direct. No middle-men.

* Data Recovery is our only business Not a sideline.

* Free technical diagnosis in minutes.

* No Data – No Charge. Preview the data before accepting.

* No outsourcing – all work is done only in our labs.

* State-of-the-art tools, Cleanroom and expertise.

* Wholesale Recovery Solutions for IT Consultants and Companies


* Recovering data since 1976
*Cleanroom repairs of bad heads, seized bearings, failed electronics and firmware.
*Forensically Certified – Your data is private and secure.
*If your drive is clicking or dead then it needs Cleanroom expertise.
* Authorized IBM Data Recovery Vendor

System lockups and blue-screens are signs your drive is beginning to crash. Our state of the art tools target the desired data while avoiding the crashing areas. Most recovery companies use software tools incapable of avoiding physically damaged areas.

STOP. Power down. Repeated reading or retrying will lead to premature total failure. Our custom hardware diagnostic tools target the data while avoiding the damaged areas.

Data Protection Services

Alandata Data Protection and Cloud storage services feature automatic data backup and on-demand restore capabilities along with data recovery from failed storage devices including disk drives, flash drives, camera drives, solid state storage drives and RAID systems.

Our ADPC Services protect your data by backing it up automatically every hour or every day and the ability to restore lost or corrupt data on-demand. Anytime.