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We are the strongest company in RAID data recovery around. We stand by our statement confidently knowing our expertise and accomplishments. We wrote our first  in-house RAID data recovery tool- software suite in 1981.

Alandata specializes in RAID data recovery. We emphasize Linux, RAID and NAS storage devices. We are an innovator of data recovery, techniques, methods and programs. We don’t just push buttons and run programs. We write our own programs. To do that you must have complete understanding of the design of each target drive and systems.

In 1991 we wrote the first version of our proprietary RAID software. CopyRAID’s features help us look at data and determine configurations. We also modify CopyRAID to solve difficult configuration issues, search and merge data from good areas of multiple damaged drives.

  • We understand RAID thoroughly. We are great analysts and highly determined to recover your data.
    We won’t give up on your data. We know how critical it is to you and your company.
  • The first and most critical step in RAID data recovey is the analyzing phase.
    A critical step in RAID recovery is the analyzing phase. How many drives? Type of array?
  • We “wrote” the book on RAID data recovery.
    We wrote the first version of our proprietary software to help recover RAID in 1981.
Here are the first steps we take in the analyses of your system.
  1. How many drives makeup the array?
  2. What kind of array?
  3. What is the proper order? Which parity are the using left? right? symmetric?
  4. Are there any unused hot spares? or partially rebuilt spares? stale spares?
  5. Whats the blocksize of the stripe?
  6. Has one drive been dead for a long time? Is its information is stale (i.e. the array is degraded)?
  7. Have any drives been rebuilt or swapped?

Great RAID Data Recovery analysis tools are essential to preserving your data.

  • In 1991 we wrote the first version of our proprietary RAID software. CopyRAID’s features help us look at data and determine configurations. We also modify CopyRAID to solve difficult configuration issues, search and merge data from good areas of multiple damaged drives.

Case study: RAID 1 – 2 x 160gb mirrored set:
Recently another Data Recovery company brought us a RAID system. Their customer had reinitialized it, reformatted it and installed a fresh copy of windows. They had overwritten 7 GB of a 160 GB RAID. The data recovery company was out of time. They had attemped  to recover it for a week. Their customer was demanding it back and they had only recovered a few file fragments. After analyzing it, we recovered the RAID on the very next day. Their customer received 99% of their data. Complete with names and folders. Almost perfect despite the efforts the of data recovery company to destroy it.

Case study: RAID 5 – 4 x 1 terabyte.
 Another Data recovery company brought in a RAID 5.  They had been attempting to recover it for a few weeks. We analyzed it. We determined the order,  parity and with everything confirmed we de-raided it to a new RAID array. But the files were all bad, nothing lined up. We tried more copies. Using missing drive parity to regenerate the ‘lost’ data. It still wasn’t working.

After working  for a few hours to determine a solution to recover their RAID 5, we determined it was actually a 3 drive RAID with a spare. The customer had rebuilt the drive as a four drive RAID 5. It only looked like a RAID 5 in sync with no parity errors. Normally this would cause all kinds of damage. Luckily for the customer had only rebuilt the spare and didn’t cause damage to his data. He only created a devious puzzle for us, the RAID data recovery guys.

Alandata RAID Data Recovery is an Industry Leading Innovator of RAID Data Recovery.

We have the expertise and tools to optimize RAID data recovery. Alandata successfully diagnoses, repairs, and recovers data with maximum efficiency. Preventing further harm to the data. Other companies mishandle drives causing more data loss. Sometimes causing the drive to crash.

All RAID data recovery is done in our facility by our professional technicians. Every job stays in our hands. We don’t outsource your drives to other companies. Our techs are the best. Your data is secure. It will never be compromised by shipping it  to another company. Alandata is the real deal in data recovery. We been doing data recovery for over 30 years.

The Art of Data Recovery is a very closely kept secret. It takes many years and knowledge to be an expert at data recovery. It’s not  taught in school. They don’t offer classes. This is the reason only 5% of data recovery companies can provide our level of service.

Note: 80% of  RAID data recovery jobs we receive, come to us from other data recovery companies. Most data recovery companies do not have the expertise required to analyze and complete RAID Data Recovery. As the examples above attest, we frequently get RAID recoveries after other companies have attempted to recover them.

  • Free Instant Evaluations
  • While you watch. While you wait.
  • No Data Recovered, No Charge
  • 24 Hr. Emergency Service Available
  • 100% Forensically Secure Data Recovery
  • Retired State Law Officer On-site

Give us a call or click the “chat” button to speak directly to one of our RAID techs. No salesmen. Our techs will walk you through testing and documenting your RAID 5 over the phone or website chat for free. They will make sure you have the best possible chance of data recovery. Whether you give the job to us or to someone else.

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Data Protection Services

Alandata Data Protection and Cloud storage services feature automatic data backup and on-demand restore capabilities along with data recovery from failed storage devices including disk drives, flash drives, camera drives, solid state storage drives and RAID systems.

Our ADPC Services protect your data by backing it up automatically every hour or every day and the ability to restore lost or corrupt data on-demand. Anytime.