NAS Data Recovery Services

NAS or Network Attached Storage Devices boxes are external hard drives that are attached to your networks ethernet cable and appear as hard disk storage on the network.

  •  Most NAS devices run some form of Linux.
  • Many NAS devices we recover data from are also RAIDs, Mirrors or Stripes
  • They often use modified versions of Linux filesystems and are inaccessible with the usual Linux tools.
  • We wrote our own in-house utility suite which we have used for data recovery of hundreds of NAS devices.

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Data Protection Services

Alandata Data Protection and Cloud storage services feature automatic data backup and on-demand restore capabilities along with data recovery from failed storage devices including disk drives, flash drives, camera drives, solid state storage drives and RAID systems.

Our ADPC Services protect your data by backing it up automatically every hour or every day and the ability to restore lost or corrupt data on-demand. Anytime.