Hard Drive Data Recovery

Alandata's hard drive recovery services are unparalled.

Data Recovery problems range from simple to ultra-difficult. Simpler problems that can be solved with generic software includes, deleted-files, corrupted file-systems, virus infections and minor bad media. Many computer shops offer ‘data-recovery’ for these non-intrusive situations. Alandata has invested in the tools and has the expertise to recover much more difficult problems. Some of these are:

Data Recovery Due to Electronic failures.

  • Boards on modern drives are programmed and tuned to each drive and can rarely be swapped in case of failure. We can often repair or reprogram bad boards.

Recovering Data from a Crashing yet partially accessible Hard Drive.

  • We have invested in a sophisticated system that can copy crashing drives.
  • With this copier we can copy the good platters and avoid the bad platter until last.
  • If a single head is bad then we can copy all the good heads first and then rebuild the drive to get the last head.
  • Even if a single platter cant be recovered then this will often give an %80 good recovery.

Service Area Corruption Data Recovery.

  • The service area is a part of the disk drive that is inaccesible to the user but is critical for the drive to function.
  • The service area has things like the bad block list, the voltages required to read and write, the firmware etc.
  • The service area can only be accessed and analyzed using special sophisticated equipment.
  • We invested in a $20,000 analyzer to diagnose and repair the SA
  • Considearble experience and expertise is required to repair or bypass SA issues.

Replacing Failed Heads and Head Amplifier Chips to Recover Data.

  • We have the expertise to locate and acquire¬†matching parts
  • We can rebuild a drive with good heads to recover the data.

Seized bearings.

  • Modern drives use fluid dynamic bearings. These are solid bearings that spin on a molecular layer of oil.
  • Dropping or bumping drives often results in seizure.
  • We repair many seagates that have been seized.
  • This repair requires a complete and difficult rebuild of the drive.
  • This involves moving the heads and platters to a new good drive. Any dirt or microscopic misalignment of the parts will cause it to fail.

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Data Protection Services

Alandata Data Protection and Cloud storage services feature automatic data backup and on-demand restore capabilities along with data recovery from failed storage devices including disk drives, flash drives, camera drives, solid state storage drives and RAID systems.

Our ADPC Services protect your data by backing it up automatically every hour or every day and the ability to restore lost or corrupt data on-demand. Anytime.