Thank you again for your great work. On the way home, Tammy and I remarked about how lucky we were to find you. Not only are you truly an elite expert in what you do, but you are very kind and sincere – treating Tammy ‘s data no less important than Citibank’s credit account holders ‘ data. You redoubled your efforts right along side Tammy to make sure she recovered the grade file, the most critical one, that she’d lost- on a Saturday night with your family waiting on you for dinner no less. Really, guys like you make America great.
Tammy and I will DEFINITELY pass along your cards, your flyer, and name to all the people we work with. You deserve the business.

Thanks again!

Tammy Kearn – College Professor


Dear Wayne –

Thank you so much for helping me recover my infamous John Dewey graduate paper. 18 pages that took me 50 hours to write was returned to me before the paper due date. Wayne completely walked me through retrieval of the file from a zipdrive, thankfully, because I am not very technologically savvy. He stayed with me until I was comfortable that the complete document was there and I could access it on my own. Thank you both for assisting me during this crisis, especially when I was in a total panic mode. You guys are awesome!

Jeanette Patterson – College Student


That’s awesome — I never thought that I would see that data again. My IT guy was trying to copy it for a week… you got in done in one day — you saved me again.

Steve Kosch – TheVideoEditor

I visited Alandata today and received the best service. Wayne tested my 1 tb IOmega external hard drive and quickly determined that the drive enclosure was the problem. No lost data after all, no huge bucks like the other guys predicted, and I’m back in business. This is not just a terrific data recovery company, it’s a terrific company when it comes to customer service. Can’t say enough good things …

Brian Demsey

AMAZING job on saving my data off of that stupid WD hard drive that failed… Great job

Sunny Memon

My wife and I just returned from a fabulous 2-week honeymoon in Hawaii and Las Vegas. Within days of our return, my wife’s brand new Samsung Galaxy S-II phone suddenly stopped working. Being a technology guy for many years, this sort of thing doesn’t usually bother me, but, this time was different, as my wife had taken almost 400 special photos during our honeymoon using this phone, and unfortunately we had NOT downloaded them yet. I was terribly concerned as the phone was completely ‘dead’ and there was no sign that it was coming back to life! What made matters worse is I had taken the phone to a T-Mobile store where we had purchased it very recently, and they tried everything they could to revive the phone and get our photos… but NO luck. They recommended I take my phone to a reputable Electronics Repair Shop in Irvine where they have sent numerous clients in the past. I did that the very next day, and they spent hours working on the phone in attempt of getting to the ROM where the data is stored, but were unfortunately unsuccessful in all of their attempts. When they gave up, they referred me to ‘Alandata, Inc.’, and told me they were experts in Data Recovery and would have the best shot in getting the photos off the phone. I called Alandata Data Recovery and immediately was relieved during the initial telephone call. They made no promises, but their professionalism and background in this area of data recovery, and seemingly very deep knowledge, assured me that I was off to a much better start towards getting these photos off the phone. In fact, they graciously offered to pickup my phone from the Electronics Repair Shop in Irvine, and take it to their location the very next morning. They did, and by the afternoon, I received a very promising phone call from Alandata with the significant progress they had made already within hours. They had miraculously made their way into the phone and were beginning to make good progress in viewing the files on the phone ROM. They then committed to have ALL the photos recovered by the very next morning, which they did. They recovered ALL nearly 400 photos, and in fact got the phone working in near perfect condition again! That afternoon, I decided to tour their lab and technology facility, and was thoroughly impressed with their clean-bench and high-tech dedicated disk diagnostic equipment. I’ve toured many repair and technology facilities throughout my professional career, which spans over 20 years of high-technology industry management experience of these types of operations and product development areas. I can state without any hesitation that these folks at Alandata are experts at what they do, and these guys are the real deal, in my view. Their technology service and level of upfront and direct communication is truly first rate. I was also impressed to learn they also do RAID, Virtual Systems, and Forensic data recovery type work as I toured their facility. I?m grateful to have come across this company, and very happy they were able to recover these precious memory photos for my wife and I. Alan data truly worked a miracle!

Sam Salem Director – Service Programs and Customer Management

Hello All, When my hard drive crashed I panicked! The words of ?Make Sure You Back-Up Your Computer? were a bit hallow at the time. I did consistently backup up my data but three months was a lot of work to lose. To make sure I conducted my due-diligence I shopped around to four different sources. Some quotes were way beyond any financial consideration. Still other Companies appeared to be lacking in the simplest of computer knowledge. Alandata offered a fair and reasonable price and answered all my questions regarding any of my hard drive concerns. More importantly they delivered! They are a one stop no nonsense data recovery business that takes the worry out of your computer emergencies!! Thanks Alandata for you excellent for service.

Crystal Rodriguez – President Compliance First, Inc.

I had a 200gb hitachi hdt22520dlat80 that started clicking and hanging. I had a lot of pictures on there that I didnt want to lose. I tried to recover it myself with some software but it kept getting hung. So I took it to Alandata Data Recovery. They gave me a quick evaluation of the problem and within a few days had cloned the whole drive minus 1 bad sector. They recovered all my files and even went back for a second pass to recover additional files that had been deleted while the drive was failing. Thank You Alandata for saving our pictures!

Scott Holder – Mission Viejo, California

Our company has a Dell Server with a RAID array. After replacing a faulty tape drive our RAID array ‘disappeared’. After 9 hours of ‘support’ and numerous rebuilds, we gave up and took it to another data recovery company. Weeks later they gave us back ‘recovered’ data. The data was “as-is” and unusable. I then took everything to Alandata. AlanData quickly determined that the RAID had been restriped and damaged beyond recovery. While there was no miraculous recovery possible, Alandata gave us a true answer quickly. Alandata also rebuilt our server, reinstalled our programs and restored our latest backup. I wish I had found Alandata first. Be careful who touches your RAID


I had a 40gb fujitsu laptop drive from our company phone system. It was clicking. The phone system company was out of business and the new drive wouldn’t work without the license from the bad drive. It was also a Linux. I brought it to Alandata and they gave me an immediate evaluation. They said the drive appeared to be crashing but they could try to image it and extract the files. Our company had been down 1 week so I was rather anxious. A few hours later I had the data. Alandata gave me frequent updates and even arranged for after hours pick-up. Great service. Great support. Great price!

Irwin Vidal – Tustin, California

I am writing to you to express my sincere appreciation for the recovery of our business data from the failed hard drive on a laptop computer. We had a 80gb laptop hard drive that we couldn’t access. I contacted 8 different local data recovery companies and gave Alandata Data Recovery a try. I brought the drive in and watched Cody evaluate the drive right in front me. They said the drive was failing but looked recoverable. I could see that they had a clean room facility and lots of tools. Ten minutes later the free evaluation was complete, he gave me a price quote along with what was needed to recover the data. The next day I picked up all my data. I am happy to report that the recovery was 100%. I would recommend AlanData Data Recovery to anyone who is looking to get their data back. Once again, Thank you for a successful and professional recovery.

Tiffany Lee – Betek Corporation

Integrity and knowledge at work! That is often a missing link in todays society, it?s very refreshing. K.J.

A clients critical server failed over the weekend. It was a raid 5 using 3 500gb drives and all 3 drives were dead. We brought it to Alandata Data Recovery at 7pm on a monday night with the hope of being recovered by 8am for the client. 1 hour later Alandata called saying that they had fixed the first drive. Wayne txted me every 3 hours through the night to keep us updated. At 4 am they called and had the whole raid array deraided and rebuilt to a new single drive – plug and play – ready to go. Alandata overnight emergency service saved the day for our client.

Andrew Metcalf – Zytel Networks

Thank you so much Wayne, you’re a lifesaver. We will most definitely keep you in mind for the future.

Hassan A. Siddiqi – ITSS, Inc.


That was a miracle. I have never seen so much damage but I still got good stuff. You’ve been at it for a long time.

Dr. Partney


Wayne at Alandata did a great job recovering my external hard drive. They did it in a one day turnaround. I highly recommend their services.

Robert Fields
One Man Band – www.robertfieldspianosolos.com



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