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DON’T buy a 256gb flash drive or camera card. You risk too many eggs in 1 basket! Buy several smaller cards instead.

DON’T keep a laptop on a bed, or even your lap! Laptops need their vents open to cool and prevent premature disk crashing.

DO buy flash drives with a blinking light. A flashing activity-light tells you that it’s not safe to remove!

DO always eject flash drives. Flash drives are easily corrupted, and difficult to recover. Close your documents and use the “EJECT” command before removing. Watch for your blinking light to stop!

DO use “321 backups.” This means: 3 separate backups, on 2 kinds of devices with 1 safely offsite.

DO use 2 different cloud backups. It’s cheap insurance – one may have what the other doesn’t!

DO learn all the phishing scams! Most viruses comes as fake e-mails imitating something like a UPS package notification. Learn how to spot the fakes by Googling “Phishing Test.”

DO baby your laptop. The disk drive in your laptop survives on a molecular film of air. Don’t bump it. Don’t plop it down on your desk – be gentle.

DO keep the box! Many drives are lost from accidental drops while being carried. The box you bought your external drive in offers great protection during transportation.

DO visit www.alandata.com to find more info, directly from the data recovery experts at Alandata Data Recovery.

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Date Published: 07/07/2015
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