Hitachi 1tb Crashed Drive

On January 11th, 2013, posted in: Daily Clean Room Data Recovery Report by

Drive Model: HDT721010SLA360 Hitachi 1tb

Location: Data Recovery Orange County

Customer Problem: Drive clicks. Drive started clicking when I tried to turn my computer on.


hdt721010sla360_head     hdt721010sla360_platter

This hard drive was clicking very hard and making a clunking noise. We opened the drive in our clean room and we can clearly see why it was clicking. The image on the left shows the heads are mangled and bent. The copper wires that lead to the heads are twisted like a pretzel and if you look closely at the black box (the head) which the wires lead to; you can see dirt and debris build up from scrapping the platter. The image on the right shows the rings left behind which was caused from the heads rubbing against the platter.

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