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Alandata’s  has been providing the City of Orange Data Recovery Services for 30 years. We have recovered data for countless companies and individuals throughout the city. We’ve  recovered photos from families failed hard drive and saved accounting departments invoicing for the last ten years from unreadable back-up tape. We offer fast, secure data recovery of Hard Drive, RAID and Tape. Any data source. We are just 5 minutes away from the City of Orange.

Orange Data Recovery Evaluations.

Electronic failures.

  • Boards on modern drives are programmed and tuned to each drive and can rarely be swapped in case of failure. We can repair or reprogram bad boards.

Your Drive is Crashing but Still Accessible

  • We have invested in creating in a sophisticated system which can copy crashing drives.
  • With this we can copy the good platters and avoid the bad platter until last.
  • If a single head is bad we copy the good heads and then rebuild the drive to get the last head.
  • Even if a single platter can’t be recovered then this will often give an 80% good recovery.

Corruption of the Service Area

  • The service area is a part of the disk drive that is inaccesible to the user but is critical for the drive to function.
  • The service area has things like the bad block list, the voltages required to read and write, the firmware etc.
  • The service area can only be accessed and analyzed using special sophisticated equipment.
  • We invested in a $20,000 analyzer to diagnose and repair the SA.
  • Considearble experience and expertise is required to repair or bypass SA issues.

Failed Heads and Head Amplifier Chips

  • We have the expertise to locate and matching parts.
  • We can rebuild a drive with good heads to recover the data.

Seized Bearings

  • Modern drives use fluid dynamic bearings. These are solid bearings that spin on a molecular layer of oil.
  • Dropping or bumping drives often results in seizure.
  • We repair many seagates that have been seized.
  • This repair requires a complete and difficult rebuild of the drive.
  • This involves moving the heads and platters to a new good drive. Any dirt or microscopic misalignment of the parts will cause it to fail.

City of Orange RAID data recovery

  • We wrote our own in-house RAID data recovery tool-suite in 1981 at our first Irvine, CA office. 32 years experience in a specialized area of data recovery requiring expert analysis.
  • Most of our RAIDs come from other data recovery companies that dont have our experience.
  • Clients have included IBM, New York Medical Center and many others
  • We routinely recover RAIDS other Data Recovery companies like Ontrack and Ess Data Recovery couldn’t.
  • We have recovered giant 20-tb arrays consisting of 20 1 terabyte drives.
  • Many NAS, Network Attached Storage devices, are RAIDS – such as LaCie, Buffalo, Netgear, Linksys …

Tape Data Recovery / Media Conversion

  • We wrote our own in-house suite of tools to recover data from tapes. Having our own tool-suite means that we can easily adapt to the frequently changing tape formats.

DVD, CD, Magneto Opticals

  • We have experience recovering damaged CD, DVD and other optical media.
  • We know how to get past damaged Table-Of-Contents and extract files from the raw sectors.

Flash, Compact Flash, SD & Camera Memory Cards

  • We are able to fix many damaged devices – like when a thumb drive gets bent or broken off.
  • We can remove the memory chips from the device, read the raw memory directly and perhaps recover files.

NAS, Network Attached Storage Devices

  • NAS boxes are external hard drives that are attached to your networks ethernet cable and appear as hard disk storage on the network.
  • Most NAS devices run some form of linux.
  • Many are also RAIDs, Mirrors or Stripes.
  • They often use modified versions of linux filesystems and are inaccessible with the usual linux tools.
  • We wrote our own in-house utility suite which we have used to recover hundreds of NAS devices.

Operating System and Filesystem experts

Our founder a UC Irvine Alumni has developed many of our utilities and is an expert in the internal layout of many filesystems including.

  • Unix & Linux, BSD, HPUX, AIX.
  • Ext2/3, ReiserFS, XFS, UFS1, UFS2.
  • GFS – the Global File System. This is a new filesystem. We recently developed a utility and performed the first GFS recovery for IBM.
  • Windows, DOS, includes thumb drives and camera memory cards.
  • Novell Netware, Netware 3,4,5,6.
  • Traditional Netware, Netware NSS.
  • VMware.
  • VXFS – we wrote the first tool for recovering vmwares VXFS file system.

Forensic Analysis / Copying

  • We are certified in forensic analysis and copying.
  • We have read-only devices which allows us to make a forensic copy of a drive for storage or analysis without possibility of writing to the drive.
  • We take pictures of the devices, then make 2 copies of the target, record the MD5 hash-codes, then anaylze our working copy.

Mass Wiping

  • We have efficient procedures for securely erasing mass quantity of drives.

Password Removal

  • Sometimes drives get password locked and can’t be accessed. We can remove most password locked drives.

Media Conversions

  • We can extract files from many kinds of old media and save them to new external usb devices.
  • 5.25 and 3.5 inch floppies, Magneto-Optical Disks, Tapes 4mm, 8mm, Exabyte, AIT, QIC, SCSI, Fiber-Optic etc….

iPod, iPhone

  • We have rebuilt and recovered many micro-sized drives that are found in IPODS.

Camcorder Hard Drives

  • Some Camcorders use internal hard drives. These drives have a special interface and often cannot be read by normal means.
  • We have succesfully recovered lost pictures and movies from camcorder hard drives.


  • We have recovered SCSI drives, Fiber-Optic Drives, SAS drives, Micro drives with ZIF connectors.

Encrypted Drives

  • We are familiar with the common  encryption methods such as PGP, PointSec and others.

SCSI drive

  • We have repaired many bad scsi drives, boards, heads and service areas.

SAS drives

  • We have repaired many SAS drives.

Appointments are never required. Five minutes away from the City of Orange, Please stop by and we will evaluate your drive while you wait.

Data Protection Services

Alandata Data Protection and Cloud storage services feature automatic data backup and on-demand restore capabilities along with data recovery from failed storage devices including disk drives, flash drives, camera drives, solid state storage drives and RAID systems.

Our ADPC Services protect your data by backing it up automatically every hour or every day and the ability to restore lost or corrupt data on-demand. Anytime.