Damaged Hard Drive Data Recovery

Alandata Data Recovery is a Leading Innovator of Damaged Hard Drive Data Recovery, Techniques and Utilities.

We have the expertise and tools to optimize the recovery process of damaged hard drive data recovery. Alandata can successfully diagnose, repair, and recover your data with maximum efficiency to prevent further harm to the data. (Unlike other companies who don’t properly handle the drives and cause more harm than good, even causing the drive to crash at times).

All damaged hard drive data recoveries are done in our facility by our professional technicians, and every single job stays in our hands. We have no outside consultants dial in to work on any data ever; and we never ship your drive to another company.  Alandata is the real deal, data recovery and have been doing Damaged Hard Drive Data Recovery for over 30 years. The art of data recovery is a very safely kept secret to almost all recovery experts. It takes many years and a lot of knowledge to be an expert at damaged hard drive data recovery. It’s not something one can easily come by in school. They just don’t offer classes for this. For this reason there less than 5% of the companies out there who can do what we do.

If you have questions or concerns about your  damaged hard drive data recovery, and need some help, please feel free to give our technicians a call, email or click the chat button. We are real data recovery experts and want to maintain the integrity and quality of this field. So give us a call today for your free second opinion on your data recovery, and know it’s in the hands of someone you can trust. Never search and  find the first link and then settle! Evaluations should always be free, a real data recovery expert knows it only takes a few minutes to evaluate the drive.

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Data Protection Services

Alandata Data Protection and Cloud storage services feature automatic data backup and on-demand restore capabilities along with data recovery from failed storage devices including disk drives, flash drives, camera drives, solid state storage drives and RAID systems.

Our ADPC Services protect your data by backing it up automatically every hour or every day and the ability to restore lost or corrupt data on-demand. Anytime.